Communication Covid-19

Dear Customers,

In the context of the Covid-19 health emergency in the world, the Ateliers François Group follows the official measures and safety precautions taken by national and local authorities to contain the transmission of the Coronavirus and to safeguard all our employees and business partners.

For the time being, there are no particular restrictions on day-to-day operations of the Ateliers François Group and we want to inform all our partners, customers and suppliers that all departments are operating while taking the safety measures established by the competent authorities.

We also provide our employees with clarification on general measures, such as hand hygiene, maintaining safe distances and proper cough or sneeze hygiene in an organised and structured manner.
All our plants and distribution centers worldwide are operating normally, complying with local regulations where applicable.

Regarding materials, we have no suppliers who announced delays in their deliveries due to the Covid-19 at this time, but some have legitimate reservations in assessing the risk of this event, and all logistic chains, both downstream and upstream are operating normally.

The Ateliers Francois Group has always had as a priority to be located close to our customers with subsidiaries and qualified agents all over the world. All our subsidiaries, agents and technicians are operating normally, but non-essential travelling is restricted, especially outside their home countries.

However, due to the uncertainties related to the Covid-19, it is reasonable to expect industry-wide delays in terms of delivery around the world, including potentially cancelled shipments and flights (as is currently the case with the U.S.).

The Covid-19 might affect our workplaces and workers and we have to handle our response to the epidemic on a day-by-day basis.

We hereby ensure that you will be kept adequately informed in accordance with the requirements of the different local authorities, according to the updated directives.

Best regards,

Hugues ROLIN
C.E.O. AF Group
Signature Hugues ROLIN