Electrical options

Electrical connections between motor, control cabinet air dryer and water pump.

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Specific electric motors :

protection degrees, IP23 or IP55. Efficiency class : IE1, IE2, IE3.
Different optional voltage and frequencies, standard is 400V/3/50HZ or 60HZ +/- 10%. Other voltage is on request : 380V/3/50Hz or 60Hz, 575V/ 60Hz…


for electrical control cabinet for inside temperatures exceeding 40 for soft starter & 45°C for standard electrical cabinet.
The frequency inverter electrical cabinet is protected against high temperature through a different selection of internal components (powerblock…).

Soft starter

Standard is Star Delta starter, the optional soft starter is integrated in the main electrical control cabinet. The compressor is equipped with an electrical pre-lubrication oil pump for the crankcase.

SIS: Smart Inverter Starter

Frequency Inverter electrical cabinet for starting purpose.
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Frequency Inverter

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Compressor Management System

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