Turn key package

Turnkey package

Turnkey solutions for pet bottling

1Control Cabinet:
Fully interconnected with the whole compressor package. Includes star delta starter and PLC controller.

2Compressor Bare Unit: 20 to 40 bar
3 stage, 3 cylinders, 2 piston rod assemblies
Electric motor & V-belt transmission.
Skid mounted on anti-vibration mounts, no specific foundation. Automatic draining system.

Turnkey solutions

3HP Air Receiver:
Hot galvanised – horizontal or vertical.
Equipped with Bekomat drain system.

4HP Air Dryer:
Stainless steel dryer with integrated 1µ filter. Dew point alarm and Bekomat drain system.


Turnkey package

Turn key package complet

1 2Interconnecting Pipework,
Separators + HP Receiver
Hot galvanising, nickel plating.
Package equipped with Bekomat drain system.

3Anti-Vibration Mounts
Skid mounted on anti-vibration mounts.
No specific foundation.

4HP Filtration
Optional HP submicronic filtration, 0,01µ.
Activated carbon with odor removal…

5HP Air Dryer
Stainless steel dryer with integrated 1µ filter.
Dew point alarm.
Bekomat drain system.

640 bar Connections
Stainless steel discharge flex line with safety guard.
Stainless steel inter-connecting 40 bar pipe between compressor skid, receiver & dryer inlet.