AF 80% heat recovery system 40°C

Scope of deliveryScope of delivery


Heat Recovery System 40°C including :

External skid Heat Recovery System 40°C with stainless steel plate exchanger.

1Stainless steel heat exchanger with connecting flanges & water piping. Heat exchanger is easily removed for periodic cleaning.

2 500 l water receiver, vertical with accessories mounted on the skid.


  •  Ready to use system, fully connected with expansion vessel and valves, temp. gauges.
  • Skid with plug and play connecting points, supplied loose with adaptable feet for easy connections to the water circuit of the customer.

Heat Recovery System 40°C

Features & benefitsFeatures & benefits

Features based on 200 kW.

  • Temperature: water in: 29°C, water out available for HR 39°C.
  • Power: heat recovered @ 10 bar on load is ca. 150 kW = 80% of the shaft power.
  • Water: available quantity of water for heat recovery max. 40°C. Delta temp. 10°C = 15.2 m³/h.