Electric cabinet


Electrical control panel for starting and capacity control of :

  • the compressor,
  • the air dryer,
  • the cooling water system with pump when supplied.

Cabinet made of 2mm enamelled plate, protection to IP54 hermetically sealed and containing:

  • Main circuit breaker and fuses.
  • Star delta starter for compressor.
  • Fuses for auxiliary circuits.
  • Safety device to prevent compressor starting against load.

Microprocessor description overview

Capacity control with fully automatic start and time delayed stop of the compressor.
Monitoring of air an oil temperatures on each stage, as well as oil and air pressures.
Safety controls. Memorised defect system. Service intervals for maintenance.
Details of loaded and total running hours. Simple keypad operation.
Multi language message displays. RS485 data communication line for remote control or monitoring. Diagnostics, reprogram, Analog, digital configuration… new model available 2009 sept.

Main Selection Monitoring

  • Start control
  • Pressure control
  • Pressure units bar /PSI
  • Temperature units °C/°F
  • Languages : English; German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Romanian.
  • Run on time

Parameters, factory and operating settings

  • Oil pressure, minimum
  • Air temperature for 3 stages
  • Water temperature; maximum
  • Wye/Delta time & delay
  • Purge time
  • Pressure control, unload, load
  • Pressure schedule on / off
  • Drain open and closed timer

Timers & Schedule for maintenance

  • Run hours, load hours
  • Air; oil filter timers
  • Piston ring timer
  • Oil change timer

Safety control and alarms

  • for low oil pressure,
  • motor overload,
  • high air discharge temperature
  • high dew point…

See Electrical specifications CE, UL Approval…