Energy and costs savings

Low maintenance costs.
Low energy costs.
Fewer moving parts.
Low speed.

  • Simple design

    Simple & efficient design

  • Low energy consumption

  • Low costs

    Low maintenance costs

AF equerre

Only two cross-head assemblies, two connecting rods and associated bearings.
No piston rod packing on 3rd stage, which eliminates sealing against 40 bar pressure.
Single acting 2nd and 3rd stages, requiring few valves.
Smaller 2nd and 3rd stages horizontal to optimize the piston ring life.
Few valves and reduced energy losses.

Energy costs savings

High efficiency

Longer component life, less friction, low speed: 340 rpm to 745 rpm.
Less wearing parts as described above.

  • Easy access on the machine for maintenance.
    Reliability and easy maintenance.
    Less time for maintenance.
  • Easy and quick installation due to the use of anti-vibration mounts, no specific foundation is required: low investment costs for installation.
Energy savings costs graphic

80% of the total cost of operating a PET manufacturing plant is in energy consumption.

AF compressors offer the lowest energy consumption and will provide your facility with direct energy savings!
Energy costs are increasing worldwide and neglecting its importance could result in higher operating expenses in the future.
AF compressors offer immediate energy savings and the money saved will increase your company’s profits starting on day one.