High pressure PET compressor and air receiver

Compressors and receiver Compressors and receiver

The 40 bar oil free PET compressor range from 225 m³/H to 3200 m³/H.

AF suits to the basic ISO 8573 Class 1. rule, and in addition, offers a 40 bar stainless stell refregerative air dryer with 3°C dew point. The dryer is equipped with dew point alarm, integrated 1µ filter and integrated automatic draining system. Stainless steel condenser and optional additional active carbon filter will complete our standard 40 bar PET packages to supply to best air quality on the PET market.

The 40 bar compressed air package is mounted on a base plate equipped with anti-vibration mountings and includes:

  • electric motor – from 55 to 550 kW and V-belt transmission, V-Belt drive system complete with sheet steel guard and inspection door. The system allows the compressor speed to be adapted to give precisely the required Free Air Delivery. Standard range design for optimum efficiency.
  • intercoolers between each stage and after-cooler.

Three stage “L” cylinder compressor with :

  • 3 micron air inlet filter suitable for dusty conditions. Supplied with filter condition indicator.
  • Intake and discharge valves made from 100% stainless steel.
  • Piston rod packings with PTFE seal rings.
  • Gear type oil pump driven by crankshaft.
  • Oil filter rated for full flow and cleanable while running.
  • Shell and tube type water-cooled intercoolers and aftercooler with removable tube bundles for cleaning.
  • Galvanised moisture separators on each stage with safety valve and automatic drain trap, Bekomat drain system fitted on 2nd stage.
  • Nickel plated or galvanised interconnecting air pipework.
  • Thermostatic water valve to maintain ideal operating air temperatures with in cylinders.
  • Locally mounted temperature and pressure gauges with transmitters and switches to provide safe and efficient operation in conjunction with the microprocessor located in the Electric motor suitable for power supplies from 400v/3ph/50Hz to 460v/3ph/60Hz. Class F insulation and protection to IP23, others on request. Motor mounted on slide rails for belt tensioning.

Galvanised 40 Bar Receiver

Air receiver, hot galvanised, equipped with safety valves, Bekomat drain system, air pressure gauge and inspection cover. Designed, built and stamped in accordance with the European pressure vessel code, others on request. Working pressure : 40 bar g.

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