THE PET COMPRESSORS LEADER since 1870, from mines to mineral water

New range

Discover the new L Range ! New and additional air capacities besides the existing range of compressors. Increased air volume for same power!

Energy Savings

AF is synonymous with reduced energy consumption. AF simple design naturally leads to savings, with fewer parts and low speed. Bringing up  the lowest energy consumption on the PET market.
Various additional solutions are packaged to increase the energy savings.

Costs Savings

Total Cost of Ownership & Life Cycle Management  fully under control on the long term. The most simple mechanical design naturally brings the lowest maintenance costs. Energy and maintenance savings are the best on the short AND longer run.

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High and Low Pressure Air Solutions

High and Low Pressure Air Solutions

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After sales customers services

After sales customers services

Worldwide specialist

AF is offering the Best 40 bar oil Free PET Service with its worldwide organisation.

AF main factory is located in Liege Belgium.
AF ‘ Sister’s company for the After Sales Head Office and major Spares Shops separate from the factory is 100% dedicated to the after sales activity. CSP S.A. in Alleur / Liege Belgium
Every subsidiary worldwide, from Shanghai to Mexico offers a local Spares Shop and local Service Engineers…

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SUPPORT OUR  AF RUNNING TEAM  in BRUSSELS /29th of May. : 20 km HAGE Didier, 31326 RASQUIN Vincent, 31330 VAN MONDRIAAN Guy, 31332 LOGNOUL Fabien, 31327 DOHOGNE Robin, 31325 TEUGHELS Laurent, 31331 MALLIE Jérémie, 31329 LUYCKX Christophe, 31328 STARTING @ BOX 5 -> 20 KM… All the best and best of luck to our colleagues […]

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